Sunday, December 2, 2012

West Coast Vibe

The grey is grounding,
After all, it is December.
Standing here
In workout clothes
On the beach in Santa Monica
And not freezing.
I look out over the Pacific
Amid the beach's paraphernalia
Restrained from exuberance
By the light drizzle.
I watch the Ferris wheel,
Bright and gaudy
Unmistakably childish
With a west-coast
Commitment to
A non-serious vibe.

I think a little of
An English grey
A little harder than this:
Slick, hard pavements
Wet and cold after the rain,

And I smile.


  1. Cycling in Scilicon grey
    In Northern California
    All in spandex with hi-tech zeal
    Commitment to
    A non-complacent vibe
    Shinny new fenders to defeat the rain
    Slick and hard competition
    Rain or shine

  2. A little gloom makes poets of us all... :-)