Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whirr of wings

for Zori

The whirr of wings you live within
Its feisty, rapid, quickfire hymn
Of questions here and answers there
Ideas, plucked dancing from the air.
Are you quite safe amid this pace?
That drives you with such frantic grace?

Do hummingbirds, I wonder, think
As they consume their weight in drink
Of nectar each and every day
Do any of them stop and say?
"I should slow down and rest and wait,
or all this stress will seal my fate.

"My heart can only beat so fast.
I cannot stay. It cannot last.
But still I love the whirling dance
Of movement, flight and speed's romance."
Do any of them stop with care
to pause still fluttering in the air?

Of course not. Such a thing would be
A tragic waste, a travesty.
To pose the question is absurd.
Just keep on whirring, hummingbird.

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