Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This piece of life

Who am I, this piece of life?
This scrap of broken dreams and joy.
This struggling, juggling, swearing, bewaring;

Who am I, this piece of life?
This shard of a glimmering shattered crown,
This fighting, delighting, tussling, muscling,

Who am I, this piece of life?
This cloud of ephemeral, swirling mist,
This shouting and doubting, moping and hoping,

These questions and answers I throw all around,
Are meaningless noises made of nothing but sound.
In moments like these, they are all that I hear,
But then I remember, your calm voice so clear:

"Who you are, you piece of life,
You beautiful bundle of fears, care and doubt
You crazing, amazing, living and giving,

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